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Actions speak louder than words so before you meet us, you probably want to know how working with our team really looks like. Here’s a couple of clients’ testimonials.


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JamesOn Curry, pronounced James-On Curry. I remember him playing college basketball, he was a good player at Oklahoma State. He went to the NBA and now holds the record for the shortest NBA career in history. He played a grand total of 3.9 seconds. Now, I’d imagine when…
When I first met Ariel she, as many of you have noticed that I am bigger then the average person. I am 6’7” so that puts me about 9 inches taller then the average male. Now since I grew up playing basketball most of my friends were also taller, so I never really noticed…
I was at a real estate training and the speaker, JJ Mazzo, said the quote you can have “reasons or results, but you cannot have both.” I am not usually impacted by many quotes. Like anyone else there are some I like that I think are good compasses in life, but I think a…

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